1.Woolfy VS Projections “Walkaway” Permanent Vacation

2.25 Places “Party In The Hills” Dirt Crew

3.Amp Fiddler “Your Love Is All I Need” (Thatmanmonkz Remix) Midnight Riot

4.DJ Steef “Sidération” Retrofit

5.Telephones “Sierra” Running Back

6.Adesse Versions “Tout It” Heist

7.Soundstream “Aqua Dance” Soundsampler

8.Tiger & Woods “Rock Me Love Me” T&W Records

9.Snacks “Burnin” House Of Disco 

10.Shur-I-Kan “Deep In My Heart” Lazy Days

11.Ola Kvernberg “The Mechanical Fair” (Todd Terje Remix) Olsen

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1.Tom Szirtes “Barely Breathing” Yen

2.Chaos in the CBD “Observe Pt2” Rhythm Section International 

3.Jullian Gomes feat. Martin Iveson “Somewhere” ARCO

4.Loya “Uma Mekol” (Art Of Tones Remix) Alt Dsl

5.Sublevel & Blakdoktor feat. Lillia “Promis” (Atjazz Floor Dub) Classic Music Company

6.KINK “Chorus” Midnight Shift

7.Theo Walbeck “Freek Tool” Tune

8.Mr V “Something Wit Jazz” (Jimpster Remix) Razor & Tape

9.808 State “In Yer Face” (Bicep Remix) Feel My Bicep

10.Tom Trago “Being Broke” AUS Music

11.Fred Everything “True” Lazy Days

12.PBR Streetgang “Shade” (I:Cube Remix) Crosstown Rebels

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Lazy Days Podcast Fifty Six

1.Nebraska It won't be long - Heist
2.Leon Vynehall - Beau Sovereign - Running Back
3.Recloose - Honey Rocks - AUS
4.Red D - Chez - Freerange
5.Fred Everything - Winter Dub - Drumpoet Community
6.Bas Roos - Searchin' - Exploited
7.Mirko Loko - U_Special_(Brett Johnson Remix) - Cadenza
8.Tiga - Make Me Fall In Love (Prosumer's Mysti Remix) - Counter
9.Wehbba, & Antonio Eudi - The Real Thing - Toolroom
10.Emilie Nana - Music (Manoo's Nanadub) - Compost Black
11.Ron & Neil - You Feel It - Future Boogie
12.Recloose - On & On - AUS




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Lazy Days Podcast Fifty Five

1.Len Leise - El Modelo (Gilb'R Remix) - International Feel
2.Till Von Sein - Daze - Madhouse
3.Leon Vynehall Saxony - Running Back
4.Shur-I-Kan - Away - Lazy Days
5.The Black 80’s - For The Rest - Freerange
6.Atjazz - Fox Tooth (Kaytronik Floss Dub) - Local Talk
7.Kerrier District - Let's Dance And Freak - Hypercolour
8.Books - Stoned Love - XV|
9.Leon Vynehall - Paradisea - Running Back
10.The Revenge - Do the Right Thing (Nachtbraker Remix) - Dirt Crew Recordings
11.20 Below - A Lil' Tribute to the Moody Black Keys - Rainy City
12.Woolfy vs.Projections - Combination (Benjamin Fröhlich Spooky Edit) - Permanent Vacation
13.Vincenzo & Mic Newman - Melbs - Dessous
14.Thomalla - Funfair - Permanent Vacation
15.I:Cube - A Walk With You - Versatile

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Lazy Days Podcast Fifty Three

1.Chrissy feat. Mile Bonny "Join Me" Classic Music Company
2.Hyenah feat. Nonku "Soak It" (Andre Lodemann Remix) Objektivity
3.Fish Go Deep "Off Script" Local Talk
4.Johannes Albert "Frentic Moment" Klamauk
5.Fred Everything "Ô" Atjazz Record Company
6.Detroit Swindle "More Everything Please" Heist
7.Hawkes & Blake "Flip A Coin" AUS Music
8.Letherette "Rayon" Ninja Tune
9.COEO "Back In The Days" Toy Tonics
10.Mark E "Basement Trax 2" Future Boogie
11.Palm Trax "Paws" Dekmantel
12.My System Echo "My Revival" (Ron Basejam Remix) Classic Music Company

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Lazy Days Podcast Fifty Two
1.Chrissy “Growl Ft. Shaun J Wright” Freerange 
2.Little Boy with Glasses “0400” (Iron Curtis & Leaves Remix) Need Want
3.Mona Lazette “Pressure Pressure” (Art Of Tones Remix) Toy Tonics
4.Fred Everything feat. Kathy Diamond “Believe” (Giom Remix) Lazy Days
5.Jose Padilla “Blitz Magic” (Deetron Remix) International Feel
6.Lauer “Brisk” Future Boogie
7.That Man Monkz “Take Me To Your House” (Jimpster Remix) Delusions of Grandeur
8.Niko Marks & Carlos Nilmmns “Day Of Knowing” Planet E
9.Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra “Too Much Information” (Laolu Remix) Innervisions
10.Lay-Far & Sean McCabe “Mystical Rhythms Kaleidoscope Represent” Local Talk
11.Toby Tobias “Love Affair” (I:Cube Remix) Delusions of Grandeur
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Lazy Days Podcast Forty Six

1.Harvey Sutherland  "Old Wars" Voyage

2.Crystal Bandito "Feel So Free" Ultramajic

3.Nils Penner "I Can Be" Freerange

4.Jona "Emerge" Dessous

5.Shur-I-Kan "Something In the Air" Lazy Days

6.Apollonia "El Senor Vador" Apollonia

7.Til Von Sein & Tigerskin "Arkansas City" Dirt Crew

8.Miguel Migs feat. Meshell Ndegeocello "What Do You Want" (Rodriguez Jr Dub) Soul Heaven

9.Love & Mercy "Rainfall" (Quarion remix) Man Make Music

10.Point G "Balea" Point G

11.Sebastian Markiewicz "Essence" (Kyodai Remix) Baroque Records

12.2 Bears "My Queen" (Henrik Schwarz Remix/Fredit) Domino

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Lazy Days Podcast Forty Four

1.Martin Iveson "Cobra" Atjazz Records Company

2.Tornado Wallace "Soft Light" ESP Institute

3.Whomadewho "Hiding In Darkness" (Mario Basanov Remix) Ellum Audio

4.Fred Everything "(We Lost) The Night" Lazy Days

5.Hercules & Love Affair "My Offence" (Detroit Swindle Remix) Big Beat 

6.Kyodai "So Special" Local Talk

7.Roberto Rodriguez "North Step" House Of Disco

8.Pheonix Knight "Private Eye" Classic

9.Andy Hart "Epsilon Girls" Heist

10.Joss Moog "Lili's Theme" Robsoul

11.Bodhi "Satisfaction" Exploited

12.Amp Fiddler & Mike Grant, "Free" (Andrés Remix) Moods & Grooves

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Lazy Days Podcast Forty Three

1.Seven Davis Jr. - Friends (Original Mix)- Classic Music Company 
2.Ben La Desh - Stellar Talk - Dirt Crew 
3.Downtown Party Network - Disco Ball Drama - Future Boogie 
4.S-Man - 2 Close (Jimpster Vocal Mix) 
5.Frits Wentink - Schrewd - Heist
6.Youandewan - FM Jam - Aus
7.Krankbrother - Thank You Baby - DFCTD
8.Wallflower - Say Won't Ever (Deetron T-Line Version) - Defected
9.Sandman, Riverside, Jeremy Ellis, Ayro - Into Your Story (Kai Alce DISTINCTIVE Remix) - Fast FWD
10.Wayne Snow - Red Runner (Session Victim Remix) - Tartelet 
11.Leon Vynehall - Be Brave, Clench Fists - 3024 
12.Four Tet & Martyn - Glassbeadgames (8 Hours at Fabric Dub) - Ninja Tune

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